Volume 500 Review

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by IncreaseSemenGuide.com

Top recommended increase semen product Once a young guy has had a number or orgasms he quickly realizes that all orgasms are not created equal. This is especially true in the case when they get the opportunity to have multiple orgasms, say, in the same sexual encounter. In these cases the male body simply does not have the time to recover and build up what would be considered a full load of semen in between these closely timed orgasms. Now, any guy who has paid attention to any of this and has little knowledge of the biological process understands that there is a connection between the amount of available semen and the intensity and duration of the male orgasm. So, let's take a minute and talk about exactly why that is.

When it boils right down to it the amount of available semen has a direct correlation to the sense of power with the male orgasm. This is due to the fact that the orgasm is determined by the amount and strength of the biochemical signals being sent to the brain when the testicles begin to contract in their effort to expel all of the available semen at the moment of orgasm. So, the more semen there is available at that moment the longer and harder the testicles have to pump and the longer and stronger those biochemical signals are being sent to the brain. In the end this all results in longer lasting and stronger release of endorphins which bring us all that amazing sense of euphoria which every man knows and loves as the male orgasm.

Now, since every man would like to have as many great orgasms as possible it seems clear that the answer is to simply have as much semen available as often as possible. So, over the centuries there have been many attempts at finding ways to make that happen in cultures all around the world. From spells and incantations to potions to recommendations to eat all kinds of different foods there have been a wide range of proposed solutions but, in the end, none of them really seemed to have any real results.

Volume 500That all changed when just a couple decades ago some new developments occurred in the science of herbal studies and the result was what is now known as the modern male enhancement supplement. Now, even though much of this was applied to ways to build testosterone, some of it was used to focus on increasing the amount of semen a guy produces. The products that came out of that were known as semen volumizers and since their introduction they have become wildly successful.

The problem with this was that they were so successful that just about every company that could make a pill and put it out on the market has done so to the point where there are now literally hundreds of these types of products on the market. And, in recent years it has become rather clear that many of these are proving to be of generally low quality compared to the leaders in the industry. And, as a result, we are now finding that many male consumers are having more and more trouble choosing the products that will get the job done for them.

This being the situation we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about semen volumizing male enhancers out there today - it's called Volume 500.

Volume 500 Basics

A visit to the official product website for Volume 500 will show a clean and modern web design but English speakers, which the site it written in, will quickly note a number of typos. Then, they will quickly realize that those responsible for the text on the site simply have a very poor understanding of the English language. What this has to say about the seller we will leave up to the reader but it is not something that should not be overlooked.

Active Ingredients

Another surprising aspect of Volume 500 is that the listed ingredients are rather uncommon compared to most products of this kind on the market and just about all of the top rated brands. They are said to include Apium, Graveolens, Ganoderma Lucidum, Zinc Oxide, Asparagus extract, Ginger and Fucus Vesiculosus.

Research And Testing

No matter what the ingredients are in any product it is always good for consumers to know what they are so that they can know if they are in line with other products and to avoid any issues with potential allergies. An even more important factor is any data associated with research, studies and clinical testing which may have been conducted on the product. This is because it is the final formulation of a product will determine how safe and effective it will end up being.

In a review of all of the available data both from the seller and several outside sources we did not locate any data or reports of any credible origin which would support the many claims being made for Volume 500.

User Reviews And Testimonials

Before consumers had the internet available to nearly all of them in most of the developed world and beyond they were largely dependent on the advertising information put out by sellers of products of all kinds. But all of that changed once people all over the globe became connected and began to see what other users of all kinds of products and services had to say about their experiences. Now, consumers have made the user review and testimonials the single most trusted form of advertising. The problem with this is that most consumers end up viewing these user comments through websites which are owned or controlled by the seller. Of course, this leads to a situation where there is an obvious and inherent bias as no company is likely to use comments which are negative. For this reason we always look for less biased sources of user comments of any type.

In a search of several industry websites not known to have connections to the Volume 500 or its maker as well as numerous chat rooms and forums known to discuss male enhancement products we found a great many independent user reviews for this product. Based on a tally of the opinions and overall ratings for Volume 500 it was more than clear that most users did not feel that it lived up to its many claims in any meaningful way.

Medical Issues With Volume 500

Since we noted that the ingredients said to be used in formulation for this product as so uncommon compared to most of the well-established products of this kind it is hard to say whether or not there might be any significant medical issues associated with its use. For this reason it is always best to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before starting use of this or any other product with a similar list of elements.

How To Buy Volume 500

When we discussed the fact that the designers of the official product site for Volume have a poor command of English it will be no surprise that the purchase page lists the cost of one month supply at $42,00.You did not read that wrong nor did we show it incorrectly. Make of it what you will but that is the fact.

The Volume 500 Conclusion

More and more men are using semen volumizers to achieve more powerful orgasms. The question here is if Volume 500 is one of the best. To know that we looked at three core factors.

The first had to do with the list of ingredients used in the making of it and, as discussed, they are rather uncommon among products of this type. The second factor dealt with the formulation and any data that might have provided evidence of safety and effectiveness based on research and testing. Unfortunately, reports of this type were nowhere to be found. The third and final factor was related to what independent user reviews were writing and the results were not good as most of them did not believe that Volume 500 lived up to its promises in any serious way.

With all of the basic facts in it appears quite clear that Volume 500 has some serious deficiencies which prevent it from being considered anywhere near the top when it comes to semen volumizers available at this time.

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