Healthy Powerful Male Review

Rated: 5.6 out of 10

Top recommended increase semen product The evidence is clear that, all over the world and from the earliest of recorded history, that both men and women have sought every possible method of improving their sex lives. This has been done through the use of everything from a myriad of sexual positions and techniques designed to enhance the experience to all forms of potions, elixirs and spells to bolster the desire for sex to nearly every conceivable type of tool designed to heighten pleasure and even to the study of foods and drinks which might increase desire and pleasure. All of this is still happening and at a rate and sophistication never seen before in a wide ranging industry that offers movies, photos, texts, sexual aids and toys and so much more.

One of the newer items in this catalog is related to many of the pursuits of consumable enhancers of sex which have been sought from the beginning - there called male enhancement supplements. And, for those who may have a great deal of familiarity with these newer items they are generally produced using some variant on a formulation of all-natural ingredients which are designed to help men, especially aging men, be all that they can be in the bedroom. In most cases this means using elements that have been shown to boost the level of testosterone in the male system by supercharging the process to provide the highest possible levels. This is important due to the fact that testosterone, simply the single most critical male hormone, is responsible for far more than just building up large amounts of lean muscle mass and helping to burn unwanted fat at a high rate. In fact, one of its greatest benefits is its ability to boost sexual desire and performance including sexual stamina and endurance.

Healthy Powerful ManThe key issue that has developed from all of the incredible success and intense popularity of these supplements around the world is the fact that the market which offers them finds itself now flooded with literally hundreds of new products, a great many of which are being shown to be far less effective and, in some cases, even less safe to use than what has mostly been seen as the very best that the industry has to offer consumers. The common wisdom says that this mainly due to more and more companies jumping into what has become a multi-billion dollar worldwide industry. And, as one would suspect this has created a situation where more and more consumers are feeling more and more confused and frustrated when trying to find the products that will actually get them back to acting and feeling like the men that they used to be.

With all of this in mind we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the male enhancers that will likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about products out there - it's called Healthy Powerful Male.

Healthy Powerful Male Basics

Made and distributed by a firm called Great Lakes Nutrition of Woodland Hills, CA, Healthy Powerful is said to include all of the necessary vitamins, minerals and other core ingredients needed to directly elevate the level of semen production, improve sperm motility and increase the level of sexual stamina and endurance.

It must be noted that the maker of Healthy Powerful Male has apparently not decided to provide the product with an official product website that could offer any significant or useful information other than what is found on the product label.

Healthy Powerful Male Ingredients

A key point to understanding the available information regarding the exact ingredients used in the making of Healthy Powerful Male is the fact that the producer has chosen to keep the exact formulation a secret from both competitors and consumers by claiming it to be a proprietary formula. What we do know is that the known ingredients are all thought to be in wide use throughout the male enhancement supplement industry. Among them are Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, Tongkat Ali, Muira Puama, Saw Palmetto, Vulgare Powder, Panax Ginseng and L-Arginine which is a prime testosterone booster.

Research And Testing Information

One thing that many younger consumers are unaware of is the fact that the ingredient listing on products that we are now so familiar with and take for granted were not always readily available until greater regulations made them that way. The point is that knowing what was in the products that we all use was not always easy to know and assess the way that we do now. Still, as great as it is the have regular access to all of this information there are other forms of data which can be far more useful to consumers and that is the result of research, studies and clinical trials which may have been conducted. But, it is important to note that many products in this industry are not required to be the subject of this type of study or testing as numerous areas of production around the globe do not currently require it.

Looking at all of the available data collected from the producer of Healthy Powerful Male as well as a number of industry resource website we could not establish any credible or verifiable reports which offered any data that would support the many claims being made as to the effectiveness or safety of this product.

Testimonials And User Reviews

It is now a well-accepted fact that consumers can connect directly with each other in order to help each other assess the quality of an endless number of products and services through the use of the internet. As older consumers who were around before that know this was not always the case and most of them often found themselves at the mercy of companies and advertising firms who worked hard to create very positive images of their products and services. So, when faced with the new threat that the internet posed these companies began to work at distorting the value of consumer reviews to the point where consumers could no longer trust what they were viewing. Of course, this has now created a situation where many reviews and review sites now are looked at as having what can only be thought of as having a clear and inherent bias. With this being the case we always attempt to find more independent sources of user reviews.

Based on a survey of multiple industry related websites which have no obvious connection to Healthy Powerful Male or its maker plus a long list of online forums and chat rooms known for discussing male enhancement supplements offering increased semen production we found a great many independent user reviews for this product. A simple calculation of the overall user satisfaction rating proved that the large majority of them did not have a positive view of their experience with Healthy Powerful Male even among those who used it for a month or longer.

Is Healthy Powerful Male Safe To Use?

Not having access to the full details surrounding the ingredients used in the production of Healthy Powerful Male it is difficult to fully assess its effectiveness or its safety. This being the case we advise any potential users to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning regular use of this or any product of a similarly unknown set of ingredients.

Healthy Powerful Male: Where And How To Buy

With no official product website for consumers to purchase this product through consumers must look to a long list of well-established online retail outlets including and As of the time of publication the pricing across these platforms for Healthy Powerful Male varies considerably from site to site so some research for the lowest cost will be required.

The Final Conclusion

Men seeking greater semen and testosterone production are turning more and more to male enhancers. The question of whether Healthy Powerful Male is one of the best was determined by looking at three basic factors.

One was the list of ingredients which compare well against the competition. The second was any data based on research and testing and here there was no credible evidence to support the product's claims. The last was what independent users say and that was another negative.

At the end it is clear that Healthy Powerful Male is not among the best choices at this point.

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