Increase Semen Volume - 5 Steps to Massive Semen Volume!

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There are some fantastic benefits to increased semen volume. First and foremost is the simple satisfaction of dropping a monster load. In addition, you'll find that your orgasms last longer and are more intense. If you're trying to conceive, increased semen volume can help boost your fertility as well.

If you're on board, let's get started. Here are the five steps you should follow for maximum semen increase.

Step 1: Watch what you eat

Your goal is to eat a high protein, low-fat diet. Focus on beans, whole grains and nuts. A vegetarian approach yields the best results while providing your body with the primary building blocks it needs to produce sperm and semen.

Although red meat and dairy are high in protein they're also high in fat. In addition, meat and dairy increase your body's bacterial putrefaction levels which result in foul-tasting semen.

Want to give your partner a special treat? Eat cranberries, pineapple and papaya to give your semen a sweeter flavor.

Step 2. Stay hydrated

Semen's volume is composed of 98% water. That means if you don't drink enough water, you're not going to be able to produce your maximum volume of semen. Drink about 64 oz. (6 glasses) per day, more if you work outside or sweat a lot.

You should avoid dehydrating liquids like coffee and alcohol. Not only do these remove water from your body, they give your semen a bitter flavor.

If women only knew the things we do for them.

Step 3: Timing is everything

Your body produces its maximum semen volume in 24-36 hours. After that time your testes begin to recycle unused semen, breaking it down and recycling it. That means that you have one big load, a full semen volume shot, every day. If you engage in sex multiple times or masturbate, remember that your first shot will be your best.

Beyond that, time of day doesn't really matter. Just don't make the mistake of being chaste for days at a time in expectation of a greater semen volume.

Step 4: Work out

Light cardio exercise increases blood flow to your entire body, including your genitalia. Unless you have good blood flow your body won't truly produce its maximum semen volume.

Light weight-bearing exercise will help to increase your body's testosterone levels, which boosts semen volume as well as your libido.

Exercise: good for your sex life and so much else!

Step 5: volume pills for proper nutrition

A top-quality volume pill is a supplement that blends nutrients, libido enhancers and compounds that stimulate the body's production of semen. A good volume pill starts working within a few days and is by far the easiest way to increase semen volume.

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Guide to increase semen wrap-up

Start with getting enough to drink (mostly water). Take your volume pills daily. Eat right, get some exercise and don't ejaculate more than once a day -- unless you're really enjoying yourself.

That's it. Take these five steps and you'll be boosting your semen volume from day one.