Ball Refill Review

Rated: 5.6 out of 10

Top recommended increase semen product Of all of the great pleasures in life there is one that is a cut above the rest for most humans and that is the ability to participate in the act of sex. Nothing proves this more clearly than the incredible amount of time, energy and money that spent devoted to everything involving sex. In fact, few things are more lucrative than the market that has grown up around the thoughts and pursuit of sex. That includes everything from entertainment that plays on our sexual desires in everything from mainstream TV and movies to literature and music right down to the less socially acceptable products which we might call adult fair or pornography. There are even huge markets focused on clothing and personal products including everything from lingerie to make up and perfumes. And still there are other branches of this tree that include what people generally call sex toys and other sexual aids. The whole concept can be stretched even wider as nearly everything we desire has some link to the desire to be sexual attractive and this is true no matter where one goes in the world.

Another part of this ever growing industry is the sector of the market that deals with heightening the pleasure derived from sex by helping to boost a man's ability to perform. Now, clearly there are certain issues that women have in this regard but, in general, they tend to come later in life. But, for men, there is one big thing that can have an incredible impact on the quality of a man's sex life that is often overlooked and that is their ability to greatly increase the intensity and duration of the male orgasm as well as their overall sexual performance. What we are referring to here is a set of products that fall into the category of male enhancement supplements known as semen volumizers.

Ball RefillFor those who may that familiar with this line of products male enhancement supplements were originally created as a way to boost the testosterone production levels in guys who had moved past their peak physical years and started to experience issues with sexual performance. This was generally achieved through the use of a variety of all-natural formulations or herbs and other substances which have proven to help kick start the systems in aging males. Later discoveries showed that a variation on this process could help boost the level of semen production in men. And, if you're asking why that is important the simple answer is that the more semen a man has stored up in his testicles the more intense and longer his orgasms are likely to be as the testicles have to contract harder and longer which sends more biochemical signals to the brain which, in turn, is forced to release more endorphins which produce that great sense of euphoria every guy has come to know as the basis of the male orgasm.

The only real issue that has come about as a result of all the great popularity and success of these products is the fact that the industry which makes them has become flooded with literally hundreds of newer products which are often found not be as effective as the best on the market. And, unsurprisingly, this has led to great deal of confusion among men looking for an improved orgasm.

This all being the case we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work the best, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about semen volumizing male enhancers out there today - it's called Ball Refill.

Ball Refill Basics

Ball Refill is made and distributed by a company known as Vigor Labs and is part of a long line of male health aid produced by the firm. A review of the core facts show that Vigor Labs makes the suggestion that multiple products can and often should be used as a way to help men attain the desired improvement in increased sexual performance to pleasure.

Ball Refill Ingredients

A review of the product label clearly shows that there are two key ingredients which are Vitamin B3 (as Niacin) and Zinc (as Zinc Oxide) as well as a number of other elements not clearly defined in this proprietary formula. Among them are Maca, , Horny Goat Weed Extract, (Whole Plant), Panax Ginseng Root, Yohimbe Extract, Sarsaparilla , Tribulus Terrestris , Saw Palmetto Extract, Ginkgo Biloba Extract, Long Jack Extract, Flower Pollen Extract and Chrysin.

Research And Testing Information

One of the great things that came about due to new regulations some years ago was the fact that producers started to be required to provide detailed listings of the ingredients in just about all products on the label. This allowed consumers to see if it contained the elements that they desired and if contained elements that might be undesirable such as those that might result in allergic reactions. Still, as good as that all may be, there are other forms of information that can be far more helpful and that includes data that may have been gleaned from any research, studies or testing which the product may have been subjected to during its development stages.

May is the operative word here as many products of this nature are not required to undergo this type of detailed analysis.

Looking at all of the available data from both Vigor Labs and several other outside sources it does not appear that there is any credible or verifiable evidence that Ball Refill has ever faced this type of scientific scrutiny.

Testimonials And User Reviews

Anyone who remembers what it was like for consumers in the days before the widespread accessibility of the internet knows that companies and their advertising firms have always tried to create a very carefully crafted image for their products. But, once consumers began to be able to communicate their own experience most companies adjusted and started trying to use user reviews that they had control of as a critical marketing tool. This, as one would suspect, has led to a great deal of what can only be seen as a situation filled with an obvious and inherent bias in many review sites that consumers now tend to view. This being the case we always seek user reviews from more independent sources.

Utilizing a review of several key industry related websites with no apparent connection to Ball Refill or Vigor Labs as well as numerous online forums and chat rooms known to discuss this subject we located a wide array of independent user reviews for this product. A compilation of the overall user ratings showed that a clear majority of these independent users did not feel that they received any notable or lasting benefits from Ball Refill even with use of a month or more.

Is Ball Refill Safe To Use?

Considering that the long list of ingredients used in the production of Ball Refill are widely used in numerous formulas across the industry including many of the leading brands it seems unlikely that there would be any serious health concerns with its use. However, it is always advisable to consult with a physician or other qualified medical professional before starting use of this or any other product of a similar nature.

Ball Refill: Where And How To Buy

To the best of our knowledge this product was not provided with its own official product website. That being the case, consumers can look to a long list of well-known online retail outlets such as and among others. It should also be noted that pricing seems to vary considerably from platform to platform so some research should be in order.

The Final Conclusion

Having more intense and longer lasting male orgasm is a goal any man should want and a high quality semen volumizer is a good place to start. What we wanted to know was if Ball Refill was one of the best options and we looked at three key factors to make that determination.

One was the list of ingredients and the evidence shows that it is comparable to many competitors. Another was what data was available regarding research and testing and we could find none that was credible. The last factor had to do with what independent users have said and the results there were less than favorable.

All in all it seems clear that there are simply many better options when it comes to boosting the production of semen in pursuit of a better sex life.

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