Ejaculoid Review

Rated: 5.30 out of 10
by IncreaseSemenGuide.com

Top recommended increase semen product Mmmmm... Sex is good. Yes, that is a common thought for both men and women but for some people that's just not good enough. Yes, the fact that there is a huge multi-billion dollar industry offering just about everything that can be imagined to help people enjoy sex and even improve the experience in a million different ways. And, when it comes to men there is little that could be better than to find a way to make the whole climax of sex even better. Yes, making a man's orgasm even more intense and longer lasting is definitely a goal for sex industry related companies and the good news is that over the last decade or so many of them seem to be succeeding.

For men who may not have heard yet, there are some fairly recent developments in the world of male enhancement supplements which are products designed to help men who have advanced beyond their peak physical years rejuvenate their production of testosterone which tends to slow down around the age of thirty. There is also a special subset of these great advances that are specially formulated to target the production of semen.

EjaculoidNow, if you're wondering what the big deal about increasing the production of semen you're not alone but all you have to do is look at the basic physiology behind how the male orgasm works and you soon understand. Basically, the intensity and duration of the male orgasm is largely predicated on the fact that there is a chain reaction within the body that leads to that ultimate moment that all men crave. Simply put, the higher the volume of semen that is produced the harder and longer the testicles have to work to pump of it out. This in turn creates more intense and longer lasting biochemical signals that are sent to the brain which in turn leads to the more and longer lasting release of the pleasure inducing endorphins that is the ultimate reason for that deeply desired rush of euphoria.

The problem that so many men who are interested in trying one of these semen volumizing male enhancement supplements are facing is that, as we mentioned earlier, there are more and more of these products and most of them have pretty much the same ingredients and all but identical claims.

Because of all of this we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers find the products that are best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about semen volumizing male enhancement supplements available on the market today - it's called Ejaculoid.

About Ejaculoid

Made by Goliath Labs in the U.S.A, Ejaculoid is known as one of the highest profile semen volumizing male enhancement supplements available on the market today. Taking in depth look at the list of this product's ingredients proves that, although these ingredients are well-respected and common among many of the leading brands, they cannot really be considered special in any significant way. They include:

  • Maca Powder Extract: A widely used aphrodisiac
  • Tribulus Terrestris Extract: A well-respected testosterone booster
  • Jujube: Known for its effects as an anti-stress substance
  • Horny Goat Weed: The world's most popular aphrodisiac
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extract: A major enhancer of blood flow
  • Cnidium Monnieri Extract: A crucial element for battling erectile dysfunction
  • Longjack Powder Extract: A key testosterone booster

Clinical Research, Studies And Trials

Most male enhancement products tout the benefits of the ingredients they choose to include in the formulation of their products. However, the ingredients are not necessarily the most important factor in determining how effective that product may be even if the ingredients are of the highest quality.

What is generally even more important is the formulation of the product. This simply means that the amounts and percentages of the ingredients and how they react to one another is probably the most critical factor in determining how a product works and how effective it is. The only credible way to know how well a product is working is by doing scientifically valid research, studies and testing on the formulation and not just the ingredients within it.

The reason we raise this issue is simply that there is little to no credible or verifiable clinical data of this nature that supports the claims made by Ejaculoid.

Ejaculoid User Reviews

Although it may not be completely scientific there is another way to gauge the effectiveness of a product like Ejaculoid and that is to look at what actual unbiased users are saying about the experience. Given that testimonials or user reviews found on a company's official website are obviously biased by the simple fact that they are controlled by the company itself and, therefore, are chosen because of their very positive viewpoint.

Taking all that into account we looked at a number of industry websites with no known affiliation to Ejaculoid and several internet based chat rooms discussing this subject and discovered a significant amount of user reviews regarding this product. Looking at the overall opinions of these it was clear that most of them had a rather negative view of their experience with this semen volumizing supplement. Of them, the most common themes seemed to center around the fact the Ejaculoid simply did not live up to its body of claims.

Ejaculoid Health And Safety Issues

In general there are no known serious health concerns with the ingredients in Ejaculoid. Still, it is always advisable to consult with a physician before beginning use of this or any other similar product.

Pricing And Dosage Recommendations

A one month supply (sixty pills) of Ejaculoid retails for $29.99. Obviously, the recommended dosage is two pills per day.

The Final Verdict On Ejaculoid

Returning to what we talked about at the start of this review - sex is good. For men it's even better when their orgasms are at their most intense and long lasting. And, as millions and millions around the world and throughout history know, once a man ages beyond his peak physical years those kind of super intense orgasms become harder and harder to achieve because they just aren't producing the same amount of semen that they probably did in their younger days. As we discussed earlier this is likely due to the loss of testosterone that inevitably comes as their systems begin to slow down usually around the age of thirty.

Fortunately, with the advances in science and herbal remedies we now have the modern male enhancement supplement and its companion the semen volumizer. The problem with this is that there are now so many of these types of supplements that it can be very hard for the average guy to figure out which of them is the right choice.

Looking specifically at Ejaculoid there are a few key facts that must be considered when trying to figure out if it might be one of the best choices. One of these is the ingredients list which is comparable to many of its competitors and many of the top performing brands out there. Another fact is that there is no real data that supports the claims of effectiveness for the specific formulation for Ejaculoid.

Taking these facts and adding the fact that most of the independent user reviews we encountered discussing Ejaculoid were largely negative in their opinions of how well Ejaculoid worked for them it is clear that, at this time, Ejaculoid cannot be looked at as one of the best possible options for men looking to increase the level of semen that they produce.

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