We understand that most men don't put a lot of thought into their ejaculations. However, if you notice an unusual change in them or if you get intimate with a partner who makes comments about it, it may get you thinking. But there aren't many resources on the internet which can help men who are concerned about whether or not they're ejaculations are normal. This lack of knowledge and information is the reason why was born.

Most importantly, there's a lack of information about producing too little ejaculate fluid. And it's not all about aesthetics or personal pride. There are some very real consequences associated with insufficient semen volume, including:

According to the World Health Organization, producing around half a teaspoon a fluid per climax is considered normal. Anything less than that, and most men may want to ask their doctors about the health concerns mentioned above. At the same time, some men who are perfectly healthy don't want to settle for average. They want to learn how to produce more semen. As long as they do it in a healthy way, there's nothing wrong with that. But the key word in that sentence is "healthy". Because there's so little information out there about men and healthy semen production volume, we decided to change that story.

The Men We Serve

As we discussed before, there are men out there who ask themselves questions about their ejaculations. They want to know if they're ejaculating enough, if it's possible to ejaculate more, if their current levels of semen are healthy, and how their ejaculate is connected to their overall health. All of these are excellent questions. We honestly believe that every man should be asking himself these questions and should have accurate, easily accessible answers. After all, whether it's for health reasons or personal reasons, increasing ejaculation levels has a lot of health benefits to it:

  • Enhanced fertility
  • Healthier, more effective sperm
  • Higher testosterone levels
  • Incredibly potent orgasms
  • Increased sex appeal
  • Better sex for both you and your partner

Obviously, as the makers of this site, we have experienced personal benefit from learning anything and everything there is to know about semen volume. Since we have started this endeavor, we have received positive feedback from many of our visitors. Just listen to what some of them have to say:

"As I started getting older, I started noticing that the loads of semen I was jaculating were shrinking. At first, I started to believe the common wisdom of 'this is just something that happens as you get older; deal with it'. But I didn't want to deal with it. I went online, hopeful, searching for an answer. And I found that answer - and so much more - here at!"
Taylor T., Lake Orion, MI

At my last doctor's appointment, I tried to talk to him about weather my ejaculate levels were healthy or not; he was very dismissive and acted like it wasn't important. I almost felt ashamed of myself for even asking. But when I stumbled upon, I was relieved to discover that I wasn't alone. It was great to not only to discover all of the helpful information this website provides, but to also know that I'm not the only man out there who cares about this issue."
Travis M., Billings, MT

"I'm in love with all of the information that you can find on this website about semen and male sexual health. I also really like the wide variety of strategies and solutions they provide for helping men like me with low semen levels fix the issue. I got some really great advice here about talking to my doctor, I found some lifestyle changes for enhanced semen volume that even my doctor didn't suggest, and I also had a chance to compare products which are designed to improve my semen volume. really has it all when it comes to men and their semen!"
Joe S., Savannah, GA

Why We're Here

We created this website to accomplish three very important goals:

  • To give men a source of accurate, easily digestible information about semen volume
  • To empower men to make the changes they want to make for better semen volume
  • To give men the tools and the resources they need to change their semen volume for the better

Knowledge is power; knowing everything you can about your ejaculations gives you the power to change them in any way you want. These changes can make you feel better both physically and mentally. They can improve your overall health. Increasing your semen volume can even improve your experience in the bedroom for you and your partner. There's no shortage of reasons for wanting to increase the volume of your semen loads. Here at, you can find the information you need and the tools you can use to make it happen. The information is free. The advice is also free. Furthermore, you are free to peruse our database of semen volume enhancement product reviews at no cost to you.

Please note that only reviews products - we do not sell them.

Our Origins

Before 2000, your best bet for finding answers to questions about semen volume was to scour men's health message boards in hopes for an answer. A few of us who frequented this community and ran in the same circles decided that this wasn't good enough. We came together and created this website in the spring of 2000. It wasn't long before we started seeing our web traffic go through the roof.

The information you find here comes from a variety of sources. We have scoured informational databases for the most factual, up-to-date, medically accurate information about men and semen production. We've received tons of constructive input from visitors like you and Incorporated it into our vision. And we've been researching common ingredients for semen volume enhancement supplements for years so that we know the information we give you on the products we recommend is the best you'll find anywhere else.

Where We Live

Many of us like to joke that we live and work on the internet - but our physical office is located just outside of San Francisco, CA.

For inquiries, please contact us here.