Editor's Top Male Enhancement Pick: Extendagen

Rated: 9.75 out of 10
by IncreaseSemenGuide.com

Extendagen We here at increasesemenguide.Com know that male enhancement connoisseurs such as yourself come to us because we're the leading resource on all things that have to do with semen, as well as how increasing your semen loads can significantly enhance your sex life. But did you know that there's more to male enhancement than just blowing bigger loads? And no, we are not alluding to enhancing the size of your anatomy - although, for most men, that is a part of it.

However, there's so much more to it than that. Total male enhancement revolves around achieving better erections and lighting a fire under your flagging libido. Total male enhancement also revolves around maintaining control over your orgasms and improving your sexual stamina by leaps and bounds. In general, total male enhancement includes anything and everything that can make you look and feel better as a man. One of the newest and most impressive male enhancement supplements which can achieve all of these for you and more is a product called Extendagen.

What to Expect from Extendagen

Extendagen is new on the scene, but that is because it is benefiting from the knowledge of male enhancement products which have come before it. The manufacturer has taken cues from several different very successful male enhancement play books, and put together formula that can produce a multitude of amazing results:

  • You'll get the biggest and hardest erections you've ever had
  • You last longer in bed than you ever have before
  • You'll develop a borderline insatiable sexual appetite
  • Your testosterone levels will go soaring through the roof
  • You'll begin producing dangerously voluminous semen loads (even if you're already using a semen volume enhancement pill!)
  • Your orgasms will become mind-blowingly intense

Sure, some of these claims sound pretty out there. How could one little pill possibly do all of that? Well, it's not just one little pill that were talking about here. It's about the exotic and effective ingredients which work so well together. This proprietary blend of herbs and other natural compounds is specifically designed to work in ways that no other male enhancement product can. And it does this because of the high quality manufacturing process that few other supplement producers - aside from the makers of Extendagen, that is - can brag about.

What You Need to Know About Extendagen

The manufacturer of Extendagen actually has several years of experience in the male enhancement industry. They are constantly searching for new information on how to enhance the male body, the male anatomy, and the mail state of mind. Whenever their experts find a way to reinvent the wheel, it's not uncommon for every single inferior competitor in the market to try (but usually fail) to replicate their success. Furthermore, every single pill of Extendagen is produced in a GM-certified U.S. facility; this lets you know that your Extendagen pills aren't coming from some filthy back alley operation. They're coming from a legitimate production facility which adheres itself to strict quality control standards. That's you know the manufacture of Extendagen is giving you your money's worth.

Extendagen's Blend of Proprietary Male Enhancement Ingredients

We were really impressed with the list if ingredients:

  • Horny Goat Weed - An herb that has helped man and beast alike boost their libido, fertility rates, and sexual endurance for over 2000 years
  • Maca Root - A South American fertility treatment which also has a positive effect on sex drive and testosterone levels
  • Tribulus Terrestris - A very potent herbal testosterone booster first discovered by ayurvedic medicine practitioners
  • Xanthoparmelia Scabrosa -This herb helps reduce enzyme activity that would otherwise make it difficult for men - especially most older men - to achieve an erection
  • L-Arginine - Enhances both your erection quality and the ease with which you can get hard when the time comes. This amino acid dilates blood vessels with the help of nitric oxide while also improving blood flow
  • Yohimbe - Yohimbe helps your heart pump blood where you need it most whenever you are ready to get intimate with your partner. It also has mild stimulant effects which will give you the bedroom stamina you need to go all night long
  • Potency Wood Muira Puama - This is a Brazilian cure for sexual dysfunction in men. Specifically, it targets men who are suffering from low libido as well as a lack of sexual potency. Some also report that it has the ability to enhance male fertility
  • Cnidium Monnier - This male enhancement herb helps l-arginine pack an extra punch, albeit in botanical form. It also elevates the levels of nitric oxide in your blood, which helps improve blood vessel dilation and blood flow directly to the soft tissues of your penis
  • Catuaba Bark - Surprise, surprise, we have another wonderful male enhancement ingredient hailing from the beautiful region of Brazil. It is mostly used for treating sexual dysfunctions related to poor sexual appetite, but it can also help stimulate healthy erectile function by improving the health of your nervous system
  • GABA - GABA serves two important purposes for male enhancement. One, it improves the physical enjoyment you get from sex by making your brain more receptive to pleasurable impulses. It also helps ease stress, which can help with problems such as premature ejaculation.

How to Get Your Supply of Extendagen Right Now

Currently, you will not find Extendagen sold in retail stores. You'll have to order it online - most likely from Amazon - until the manufacturer really starts to ramp up production. This actually has many advantages over driving all the way to a store and buying your supply in person. For one, you won't have to put up with any funny looks from the cashier; ordering online gets it shipped to you quickly and discreetly. Plus, you're getting a discount right at the gate since you don't have to deal with a retail store markup. We were also impressed with the money back guarantee that Extendagen comes with, which further shows how much confidence this company has in its product. There's basically nothing to lose if you take the leap of faith and get yourself your own bottle of Extendagen right now. But you better act quick, because we have no idea how long this revolutionary male enhancement supplement is going to be available. Learn more.