Ogoplex Review

Rated: 8 out of 10
by IncreaseSemenGuide.com

Top recommended increase semen product The market for semen volume increasers is crowded with thousands of products. Each product claims to turn you into a legend in the sack, but most of them turn out to be nothing but duds. File Ogoplex under the "duds" category.

Ogoplex Results

Our review found Ogoplex to be just another in a long line of semen volume increaser products that makes bold claims with no solid proof. The simple truth is this product isn't proven to improve orgasms, and our test results found that it didn't improve the sexual performance of our male subjects.

Why didn't this product work? Let's review.

Ogoplex Ingredients

For male enhancement products, it all starts with the ingredients. If you don't have the right blend, your product will never work properly. The Ogoplex site is suspiciously vague about the ingredients in their semen volume increaser. However, after some research, one finds that their product contains Swedish flower pollen extract and saw palmetto berry. While both of these are common ingredients in male enhancement products, the bottom line is these ingredients aren't enough to save this product.

Ogoplex Cost

For a product with no scientific proof that it works, Ogoplex is certainly expensive. For $50, you get one month's worth of this ill-performing sexual enhancement product. If you like throwing money away, then go right ahead. Or, you could save that money by purchasing a proven product, like Extendagen.

Does Ogoplex Work?

Results are the only thing that truly matters with semen volume increasers, and Ogoplex simply doesn't have them. It's just another in a series of overhyped sexual performance products that fails to live up to its bold claims.

We recommend saving your money by using a proven sexual enhancement product like Extendagen. With this supplement, you're sure to receive more intense orgasms, 2x-3x increase in semen volume, and an increased sex drive. Learn more about Extendagen today.