Spermax Review

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by IncreaseSemenGuide.com

Top recommended increase semen product Having a fantastic sex life is one of the greatest joys in life. This is true for both men and women but the things that make that happen can be very different for each of them. The research has shown that women are more drawn to the emotional and psychological aspects of sexual relationships whereas men tend to be more interested in the physical aspects although there is definitely crossover with regard to both sexes. So, given all of that it's no surprise that multiple industries have grown up around the notion of providing both men and women with everything that they need and want for a more exciting sexual experience from sexual images and video to erotic literature to lingerie to sex toys to enhancing products such as candles and aroma producing products.

There is another category of sexual aids specifically created for men who are interested in finding ways to make their orgasms more intense and longer lasting - they're called semen volumizing male enhancement supplements.

Spermax ReviewNow, for those who have not heard about male enhancement supplements the key facts are that these are generally non-prescription health aids usually made using all-natural ingredients and mostly designed for the purpose of helping aging men rebuild their capacity to produce testosterone at the same level that they did during their peak physical years. And, as a result of the lessons learned from these products a whole new class was created which was designed specifically to help increase the level of semen that they produce. This is important because of the fact that the more semen which is available at the time of orgasm the more intense and longer lasting that orgasm is likely to be.

The basic facts behind this is that the harder and longer the testicles are forced to pump in order to expel all of the semen the stronger and longer lasting the biochemical signals being sent to the brain are likely to be. In this instance the end result will be a greater release of endorphins which lead to that great sense of euphoria that we all recognize as the male orgasm.

As great as all of that is there is one problem which has come about because of all of the great success and popularity of these supplements and that is that the industry has now been overrun with literally hundreds of new products many of which have now been shown to be far less effective than the best products that the industry has to offer even though many of them make claims that they contain pretty much the same sets of ingredients and providing pretty much all of the same promises. To no one's surprise this has created a lot of frustration and confusion among men seeking a better sex life.

Keeping all of this in mind we, as a part of our continuing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work best for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about semen volumizing male enhancers out there on the market today - it's called Spermax.

A Look Inside Spermax

Despite the fact that there seems to be a high degree of chatter on the internet regarding this product there is less so within the industry itself. This is probably due to the fact that there is very little credible information available which can be verified. This leads us to believe that much of this chatter is likely due to a direct campaign to increase the profile of Spermax. With the producer not have provided the product with an official product website we are forced to seek out alternative sources for any and all data which does not appear on the product bottle label.

Spermax Active Ingredients

The product bottle does provide consumers with a list of ingredients which we can offer some insight to in conjunction with the name. It should also be acknowledged that the following elements are used in a wide array of products across the industry. They include:

  • L-Lysine - Widely known to help boost the production of testosterone.
  • L-Carnitine - Well-respected in the industry to improve the production and motility of sperm and to elevate the production of semen.
  • Zinc Oxide - An essential mineral needed the production of viable sperm.
  • L-Arginine HCL - This critical hormone is a known facilitator which can increase the sperm count and the overall volume of semen.
  • Catuaba Bark - Originally found in South and Central America this plant extract is highly prized as an aphrodisiac.
  • Epimedium Sagittatum - Contains essential building blocks proven to increase sexual drive and production of testosterone.
  • Pumpkin Seed - A great source of nutrients needed for good overall health.

Research And Testing

There is a long history of information on product labels helping consumers to understand how effective and safe a product may be but without the data derived from research study and testing such as in clinical trials that other basic information has limited value. It is for this reason that most credible companies employ the use of such study and testing to determine just how safe and effective there product will ultimately be.

Based on a search of all available sources we could not find any links to data that would provide any credible or verifiable evidence that any significant or scientifically solid research, study or clinical trials were conducted on this product.

Independent User Reviews

In the age of the internet there is little wonder as to why the user testimonial and user reviews have become so trusted among consumers in general and it's no wonder that sellers are relying on them more and more as a prime form or advertising. The problem with this is that most consumers tend to view these reviews through platforms which, directly or indirectly, were created by and stay under the control of the seller. Obviously, this causes what can only be described as having a clear and inherent form of bias. Knowing this we always seek out alternative or more independent sources of user reviews.

Using a standard search of multiple websites tied to the industry but apparently not to Spermax or its producer plus a number of chat rooms and forums known to discuss male enhancement products we discovered a wide array of independent user reviews for this product. A quick analysis showed that the overall ratings for Spermax were very low.

Is Spermax Safe To Use?

Going back over the set of ingredients used to make Spermax it is clear that they are, in general, widely used in many products across the industry. Therefore, it appears unlikely that there would be any serious health risks associated with their use. Still, it is always advisable to seek a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before starting use of this or any other product of a similar nature.

How To Purchase Spermax

With no official product website for Spermax consumers have the option of purchasing this product from several online retail outlets. The average cost of a one month supply is approximately $40.00.

The Last Word On Spermax

If you are a man seeking to increase the pleasure associated with your sexual encounters and the intensity and duration of your orgasms then a semen volumizing male enhancement supplement is a generally effective and low cost way to do that. What we wanted to find out here was whether Spermax was among the best options to do that. In our view there are three key factors that can help determine that.

The first involves the list of ingredients and, as referred to, they are widely used in many products of this nature across the industry. The second was to look at the way in which those ingredients are formulated and any data that would provide evidence of its effectiveness. As noted earlier, we could find not find any evidence that any such research or testing exists. The last factor involves what independent user reviews have said and, here, it was clear that most of them did not believe that Spermax lived up to its many claims.

In the end it is clear that Spermax has not done what is necessary to become one of the best options for increasing the volume of semen and increasing the pleasure derived from the male orgasm.

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