Editor's Choice for #1 Volume Pill: Extendagen

Top recommended increase semen productThe editorial staff of IncreaseSemenGuide tried over 20 brands of semen volume pills currently available on the market. Of these, only a handful really delivered any kind of results. Of that handful, only one supplement made a true difference in semen volume and orgasmic intensity.

That one outstanding product was Extendagen.




Excellent Very Good Good Fair Poor
Excellent VG G F P
Rank Product Learn More Average ejaculate increase Enhanced desire? Increased sexual performance? Overall Total Score


Extendagen Review Extendagen    9.75


Ogoplex Review Ogoplex    8.00


Roplex Review Roplex    6.00


Volume Pills Review Volume Pills Fair    5.30


Semenax Review Semenax Fair    4.75

Separating the Losers from the Winners

So how did we determine which supplements needed to be at the top of our list, and which ones got kicked to the curb? Well, that process is fairly simple. After all, these supplements basically have one job: to increase your semen production. And if they can't do that, well, then they aren't worth purchasing in the first place.

Sexual Health Benefits

There are a bunch of sexual health benefits you can get from an effective semen enhancing supplement. Obviously, you get the benefit of producing more semen and seeing a much more impressive result each time you ejaculate. It's easy for some people to discount the confidence-boosting benefits of being able to blow a massive load. But they are important, especially if you're going from weak, dribbling ejaculations towards pornstar levels of semen production.

Emotional Benefits

You can also get some healthy emotional benefits from the vast improvements in your sex life you'll experience when you start blowing bigger loads. Increasing your semen volume will help you experience some of the most powerful orgasms you've ever had in your entire life. How does it do this? Well, the more semen you have to pump out when you ejaculate, the harder your pelvic floor muscles will have to work in order to make it happen. In case you didn't know, the contractions of these same muscles are responsible for the duration and the intensity of your orgasmic experiences. The longer they contract, and the harder they contract, the better your orgasm will be. If you're producing enough semen, you may even become multi-orgasmic! That's right fellas - this privilege ain't just reserved for the ladies anymore.

Physical Benefits

There are plenty of other physical benefits associated with increasing your semen volume, too. This is especially true if you are taking a semen volume enhancer like the ones at the top of our list. The most effective supplements usually contain ingredients like zinc and other natural compounds which help to raise your testosterone levels. And the more you can naturally enhance your testosterone production, the better. When your body makes higher amounts of testosterone, it directly affects how much semen you are able to produce.

Sexual Benefits

But that's not all higher testosterone levels do. Healthy levels of testosterone help you gain more muscle, improve your confidence, and make you more sexually attractive to women. On top of that, when you're enjoying more intense orgasms while blowing giant loads all over your partner, they will think that there is something special about them that is provoking such an intense climactic response. This virtually guarantees that they will want to come back for more!

With all of the amazing benefits you get from producing larger semen loads, you may get so eager to find the right product that you end up blowing your cash on a bottle full of snake oil. But don't worry, we've searched high and low and taken the work out of it already. The products we have reviewed on this site were checked for legitimacy, quality, and purity of ingredients. Best of all, the products that got the best scores from us are being sold by reputable companies who offer free trials and money-back guarantees on their supplements. You can shop with confidence and easily find the right semen volume enhancer for you at IncreaseSemenGuide.com!