Increase Semen Loads - Composition of Semen Loads

Top recommended increase semen product Semen loads are primarily composed of two separate components: sperm and "seminal plasma." The actual sperm, generated by the testicles, consist of a mere 2%-5% of the overall semen load. For this reason, you can see that it's very difficult to increase the volume of a semen load by simply increasing your sperm count.

On the other hand, it is possible to increase your fertility by increasing semen volume, but that's a different subject.

The remaining portions of your semen load come from three separate glands:

Seminal vesicle - The seminal vesicle contributes the largest quantity of volume to your semen load. The seminal vesicle fluids make up 65%-75% of the semen load. This fluid contains amino acids, proteins, fructose (energy for the sperm), and several enzymes and other compounds that keep the sperm living, healthy and active.

Prostate gland - The prostate secretes fluids that make up about 25% of the semen load. The prostate secretions seem to primarily flush out the urethra before the semen is ejaculated. The prostate secretions contain zinc which is absolutely vital to healthy semen production. Zinc deficiency leads to sperm fragility and diminished sperm production.

Bulbourethral glands - Finally, these little-known glands contribute about 1% of the volume of semen. Interestingly enough, the bulbourethral glands make the substances that make your semen load jelly-like and cohesive.

Ways to increase semen loads

Because the semen load contains very little sperm or bulbourethral gland secretions, efforts to increase semen loads should focus primarily on increasing the activity of the prostate and the seminal vesicle.

Anyone who wants to increase semen loads should first and foremost make certain that they are well-hydrated. Some 98% of the volume of semen is composed of water. If you're dehydrated semen will be clumpy and loads will have significantly reduced volume.

Saw palmetto and zinc both contribute to healthy prostate function. Additionally, as outlined above, zinc deficiency can lead to a reduction in the formation of sperm.

Several herbal and botanical compounds are associated with increased testicular and seminal vesicle activity. These include epimedium sagittatum (aka "horny goat weed"), catauba and Swedish flower pollen extract. Each of these botanicals boosts the action of the testicles, resulting in increased sperm production and (more importantly) increased seminal secretions for increased semen loads.

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