Semenax Review

Rated: 4.75 out of 10

Top recommended increase semen product Making outlandish claims certainly isn't a new thing in the world of semen volume increasers. But claiming that subjects will experience a 400% increase in ejaculatory volume is bold even for a sexual enhancement product. But this is the claim the aggressive marketers of Semenax make.

Of course, any time such a strong assertion is made, we raise cast a skeptical eye toward it. What did we find when we reviewed Semenax? Read this review to find out.

Semenax Ingredients

Let's start at the beginning. The ingredients are the single most important facet of any product. Choosing the right ingredients and including the proper amount of each is the key to a great product. Semenax certainly has the right ingredients for the job. It includes Swedish flower pollen, maca root, and zinc oxide. All of these are common ingredients found in the most effective sexual enhancement products.

Semenax Cost

Not surprisingly, Semenax can be a pretty expensive pill to swallow. A bottle of this semen volume increaser sells for close to $60, and a year supply will set you back at least $400. Quite simply, this is too expensive for a product of this caliber.

Does Semenax Work?

Why do we feel that Semenax costs too much for the results it provides? Because Semenax lacks in consistency. Sure, some subjects do experience a significant increase in ejaculatory volume (none by 400%), but a great number of our testers didn't benefit at all from using Semenax. They found the product to be severely lacking in results.

We recommend using a more consistent product like Extendagen. With their widespread formula, Extendagen provides the best results for the widest range of people. Don't spend hundreds of dollars on products that you can't count on to work. Save money and get results you can count on by using Extendagen.