The Ropes - What They Are and How To Get the Ropes

Top recommended increase semen product The Ropes - you've heard the phrase, or maybe read about the ropes in a men's magazine. But most discussions of the ropes don't actually reveal what they are, or, more importantly, why you want them.

This article will make all that clear.

What are the ropes?

"The ropes" is a slang phrase from the European sexual underground. On the sets of adult films and in pornographic magazines, the contractions a man has during orgasm came to be called "the ropes." So, most simply stated, the ropes are male orgasmic contractions. Etymologists think that the actual phrase is a corruption of the Danish words for male orgasm.

Most men have 3-5 contractions during orgasm. The duration of each contraction lasts a 1-2 seconds or less. The first contraction is usually the most intense.

Some people believe that the phrase "the ropes" refers to the ropy, strand like nature of semen. This is not the case. Although some report that thicker semen also increases the intensity of individual contraction.

Why are the ropes so great?

The reason men want the ropes is simple: the more orgasmic contractions a man has, the longer his orgasm lasts. The number of contractions is related to semen volume. So the greater a man's ejaculate volume, the more ropes he has and the longer his orgasm lasts.

With the ropes, orgasms are more intense and last longer. And that's good news for everybody.

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