Ejaculate Volume - Maximizing Semen Volume

Top recommended increase semen product Maximizing ejaculate volume is an important goal for many men. Ejaculating a large volume of semen is a great confidence-builder. In addition, there are many benefits to increasing ejaculate volume. Such an important sexual advantage is highly desirable. Fortunately there are some relatively straight-forward methods to boost ejaculate volume.

Average ejaculate volume

Most men ejaculate a volume of 1.5 ml - 10 ml, or 1/3 tsp - 2 tsp of semen. Abnormally low ejaculate volume is a condition known as hypospermia. It should be noted that ejaculate volume naturally diminishes with age.

Steps to maximize ejaculate volume

In order to get the greatest ejaculate volume, you should take the following steps:

Frequency of ejaculation - The peak volume of ejaculation is reached every 24-36 hours. That means that every ejaculation after the first within this period will have a deduced volume of ejaculate.

Strengthen the pelvic floor muscle - By flexing and exercising the pelvic floor muscle (the one that enables you to stop urinating in mid-flow), you stimulate blood flow to the genitalia, which provides energy for increased ejaculate volume. In addition any sort of cardio exercise is beneficial, as it employs circulation through the whole body.

Stay hydrated - Water forms 98% of total ejaculate volume. If you don't have enough water in your body the volume of ejaculate you generate will be reduced. Ejaculate will also be thicker and possibly clumpy. Steer clear of dehydrating substances like alcohol and coffee, or if you do enjoy this type of beverage, be sure to compensate by drinking extra water.

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Benefits of increased ejaculate volume

Increasing ejaculate volume comes with both physiological and psychological benefits.

More intense orgasms - Increased ejaculate volume leads to longer, more intense and drawn-out orgasms (called "the ropes"). These orgasms are far more satisfying for men because of the increased duration.

Confidence and pride - When your ejaculatory volume increases you will experience a big boost in your feeling of self-confidence and self-worth. Men associate larger semen loads with better sex and better performance.

Increased virility and fertility - With a larger ejaculate volume, sperm are more able to successfully impregnate a woman. More semen volume means more seminal fluids and stronger, more robust and well-fed sperm. So if you're having fertility issues, boosting your ejaculate volume is a good and simple first step.

Volume pills to increase ejaculate volume

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