ViMulti Fertility Pills Review

Rated: 6.30 out of 10

Top recommended increase semen product There are many ways in which men measure themselves against other men. It might be in overall size and strength or their intelligence or how much money they have or what positions of power they have or how hot their women are and, no matter what you may think about - by the size of their penis. But a little known fact related to sex is how enjoyable sex is for each man and what, if anything, can be done to make it better.

What most men don't know is how crucial sperm and semen production is to their own sexual pleasure. And, for those whose are not well versed in the biology involved it goes something like this - The more semen that a man has built up in his testicles the more his testicles will have to work to fully expel of it. And, the more they work the stronger and longer lasting the biochemical signals being sent to the brain will last. And, the stronger and longer those biochemical signals are the more intense and longer lasting will be the release of endorphins within the brain. And, for those who may not know it - it is this release of endorphins that create the euphoric sensations that characterize the pleasure associated with the male orgasm.

ViMulti Male FertilitySo, what if you are a man who is interested in increasing his semen production? Well, until recently there were methods which involved eating a lot of vitamin and mineral rich foods which may not have tasted all that great but did prove to have the desired effect, at least to some degree. But now, after many years of research some company have finally put together some newer scientific advances with some often age old herbal studies to produce what is now known as the a semen volumizing male enhancement supplement.

Though all of that is great there is one issue which is causing some problems for men seeking the benefits of these new advancements. The main issue is that, because of the ever growing popularity of these products, there is an ever growing number of companies producing and distributing their own brands of them. Unfortunately, not all of these new products are of the highest quality and, even though most use very similar ingredients and make nearly all the same claims, figuring out which of them is right for you is becoming a more difficult task all of the time.

It's for this reason that we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our many valued readers find the products that will most likely work for them, have decided to take a long hard look at one of the most talked about semen volumizers on the market today - it's called ViMulti Male Fertility Pills.

What To Know About ViMulti

Produced and distributed by Biopharm Nutraceuticals Inc., which is known for manufacturing a wide array of health and lifestyle products, ViMulti Male Fertility Pills are a core of their catalog offerings. The claims being made for ViMulti include but are not limited to increased sperm counts of up to 40 million sperm (Oligospermia) per ejaculation.

The central premise behind the formulation used in ViMulti is that it was designed to help boost testosterone production levels by raising the levels of nitric oxide in the bloodstream to transfer larger amounts of oxygen and nutrients all the major muscle groups and organs which then helps to increase a variety of functions including, as stated, the production of both sperm and semen.

The Essential Ingredients In ViMulti

As can be seen in multiple published reports, the following set of elements has a well-established history of positive effects concerning the production of nitric oxide within the bloodstream and many other chemical processes.

  • Zinc: An essential ingredient needed for the proper functioning of all major organs including those responsible for reproduction
  • MACA Root: A well-known aphrodisiac long prized for its capacity to improve sexual stamina and endurance
  • Tribulus Terrestris: Perhaps most widely used element in products known for enhancing the production levels of nitric oxide in the bloodstream

Clinical Information

Generally speaking most consumers tend to look at the set of ingredients used in a product to determine just how safe or effective it may be. The problem with this approach is that it only tells half of the tail as even a product with the best ingredients may not be effective if the quantities of those key ingredients are insufficient within the formulation. To know what needs to be known about a product consumers should look at any information related to research, studies or clinical trials that would show evidence that supports the claims being made for the product.

Looking at the available information that we could find with a standard internet search there does not appear to be any published reports related to any such research or testing having been done on this product.

Real User Reviews

It's a well-known fact that most manufacturers and sellers tend to use testimonials or user reviews as a method selling their products to potential consumers as it has been shown that consumers put more stock in what ordinary people have to say about products that they have actually tried. However, there is no escaping the fact that most of these testimonials and user reviews appear on websites and other marketing materials which are under the control of the sellers. Obviously, this leads to an inherent bias in these comments which cannot be overlooked. It is for this reason that we always seek out more independent sources of user reviews.

Pouring through multiple websites with industry ties but no connection to ViMulti or its producer as well as a number of chat rooms known to discuss male enhancement products we discovered a wide array of independent ViMulti user reviews. Taking them as whole it became clear that the majority of them had a highly negative view of their experiences with this product. In fact, the most prominent theme among them was that they saw no significant benefit even after using it for a month or more.

Is ViMulti Safe To Use?

Biopharm Nutraceuticals does claims that there are risks associated with the use ViMulti and we see nothing in the ingredients list that would give us concern for use by a healthy adult male. Still, it is always highly advisable to seek out a consultation with a physician or other qualified medical professional before beginning use of this or any product of a similar nature.

The Final Conclusion For ViMulti

Going back to the beginning of this reviews we discussed how most men would be interested in improving the intensity and duration of their orgasms and a high quality semen volumizing male enhancement supplement is a proven way to achieve that goal.

Taking a long hard look at ViMulti to see if it ranks among the best options available we have decided that there are just three critical factors that must be considered. One is related to the ingredients used and, in this instance, it seems fairly clear that there is nothing overtly positive or negative to be said as they are generally accepted and in wide use within the industry. Another factor is the way in which those ingredients have been formulated. In this case it seems clear that there is no data available to would prove that this product has been the subject of any rigorous study or testing. The third factor is that the majority of independent user reviews tended to be highly negative in their assessment of ViMulti.

Taking all these factors into account there is no realistic way that any serious reviewer could say that ViMulti is one of the top choices for men seeking higher semen volumes.

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