Spermamax Review

Rated: 5.30 out of 10
by IncreaseSemenGuide.com

Top recommended increase semen product Let's face it, most men don't spend a lot of time thinking about the internal workings of their bodies. And, even they love to have sex and will do many things to make their sexual experiences as pleasurable as possible, most men have never bothered to learn many details of how their sex organs work really work. But, the fact of the matter is that the key to great sex and powerful orgasms is hidden in a three way link between their sex organs, their brains and the level of testosterone that they produce.

Breaking it all down there is a cycle that makes it all happen for men. The first part of it involves having a high level of testosterone being produced which, in turn, leads to a higher level of sperm production and the semen production that goes with it.

The next link in the chain comes during sexual activity at the point of orgasm where the testicles are called upon to pump out all of the available semen and the sperm it carries at the moment of ejaculation. In the simplest of terms, the more semen and sperm there is available at the moment ejaculation the harder and longer the testicles have to work in order to move it. And, the longer and harder these testicles have to work the more intense and longer lasting the biochemical signals being sent to the brain will be.

SpermamaxThis entire process leads to the release of those pleasure inducing endorphins that produce the euphoria all men associate with the male orgasm. And, going back to the beginning of the chain, the more semen and sperm there is to pump, the harder and longer the testicles have to pump, the more intense and longer lasting the biochemical signals that are sent to the brain, the more and long lasting the release of endorphins being released with the brain. This being the case, it's obvious that every man alive would like to increase the amount of sperm and semen they can produce.

This is why millions and millions of men around the world are turning to male enhancement supplements that are specially formulated to increase a man's ability to increase their sperm and semen count.

The issue facing all these millions of men is that there is now seemingly hundreds of male enhancement supplements on the market and more and more coming all the time as just about anybody with a lab creates a new product in order to cash in on this booming multi-billion dollar industry. To make matters even worse is that many of these products have nearly identical ingredients and even more similar claims.

With all of this in mind, we, as part of our ongoing efforts to help our readers find the products that may work best for them, have decided to take a deep dive into one of the most talked about sperm and semen promoting male enhancement supplements available today - it's called Spermamax.

A Look Inside Spermamax

Unfortunately, there isn't much information available regarding this product. There is no official website that we were able to find and a little research of several other reviews no one else was able to find one, either. What we do know is that Spermamax claims to be able to increase sperm counts by as much as five hundred percent while improving sperm motility. This is done by offering users a formulation based on a number of well-known and widely used ingredients that could have a profound effect on the male body's ability to kick start multiple chemical processes necessary for the healthy production of sperm and the semen that is produced along with it.

Active Ingredients In Spermamax

One of the first things that stands out when looking at the ingredients label is that many of these elements are common to many other products that most people are familiar and comfortable with. They include Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin B-12 and other vitamins and minerals.

Of course, all of these ingredients are widely established throughout the health and wellness community and industry but many question how they can be honestly claimed to be the most effective elements for use in a male enhancement supplement that is supposedly designed specifically designed to greatly improve the production of sperm and semen volumes and health.

Many familiar with products of a similar nature have asked why Spermamax failed to include such well-known ingredients such as horny goat weed, Catuaba bark, Maca root, L-Arginine or Yohimbe. This is because this set of ingredients is widely used pretty much every well-known sperm and semen enhancer on the market today.

Clinical Information

Without the benefit of an official product website for Spermamax there is no real way to know what the company claims with regard to any research, clinical studies or trials that may have been conducted on the product. This is important because, even though there is plenty of evidence as to the effectiveness of the ingredients used in Spermamax there is no credible or verifiable way for anyone to know how well those ingredients will work within the specific formulation for the product. In a nutshell, it doesn't matter much how effective the individual ingredients used in a product are, if they are formulated in way that does not allow them to act in the most effective way they are highly unlikely to provide their full benefits or possibly provide no real benefit, at all.

Spermamax User Reviews

Without an official product website there are no known officially sanctioned testimonials or user reviews that we are aware of. That said, in a search of multiple industry related websites with no apparent affiliation to Spermamax and a series of internet chat rooms dedicated to the subject we discovered numerous independent user reviews. Compiling those reviews it can be said that the majority stated in one form or another that Spermamax did not live up to its claims.

Health and Safety Issues

Given the widespread use of the ingredients contained in Spermamax there does not appear to be any health or safety issues. Still, it is always advisable to consult with a qualified physician before beginning use of this or any similar product.

Spermamax Pricing

Spermamax can be purchased through a number of online retail outlets. The average cost of a one month supply on those sites listed for approximately $59.99 with increasing discounts for larger purchases.

Our Final Verdict

At this start of this review we talked about how any man would want to increase the pleasure he gets from his sexual experiences. And, given that the intensity and duration of the male orgasm is largely predicated on the amount of sperm and semen that is released, anything that can be done to promote the production of sperm and semen is clearly a benefit. And, that's where a high quality sperm and semen increasing male enhancement supplement comes in.

Looking directly at Spermamax there are only a few key areas that anyone would need to focus on in order to know whether this product is the right choice for them. The first is ingredients included in Spermamax. Basically, these are more common to an average vitamin supplement package than a formula designed to improve sperm and semen production. The second area is the formulation of Spermamax, itself. As discussed earlier there is no evidence that there have been any research, studies or trials performed that would prove this product's effectiveness.

Taking these first two points and then considering the fact that the majority of the independent user reviews that we came across it is clear that Spermamax does not have the credentials to justify placing it among the best possible choices for men who want to boost their sperm and semen production while increasing their sexual pleasure.

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